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Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

Hexacare Pharmaceuticals Private Limited:

Commenced in the year 2015 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, we “Hexacare Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd” are involved as the trader and wholesaler of Cancer medicines, Virology medicines, Transplant medicines and all specialized branded and generic life saving medicines. We offer these products at competitive prices to our respected clientele within the definite time period. Also, we have adopted stringent excellence control procedures, which enable us to deliver only best and quality tested products into the market.

Infrastructural Set-Up

Infrastructural Set-Up
1. Manage office supplies inventory, including ordering, stocking, and maintaining appropriate levels.

2. Oversee facilities maintenance and liaise with building management for billing and other services.

3. Coordinate office equipment maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, ensuring all equipment is functioning properly.

4. Handle incoming and outgoing mail, packages, and deliveries, and distribute them to the appropriate recipients.

5. Assist in organizing office events, meetings, and conferences, including booking venues and coordinating logistics.

6. Assist in onboarding new employees by preparing workspaces, setting up equipment, and providing office orientation.

7. Serve as the primary point of contact for office vendors, suppliers, and service providers, ensuring timely delivery of services and resolving any issues that may arise.

8. Proactively identify areas for improvement in office operations and implement solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Packaging and Delivery

Packaging and Delivery
Stock Room:
The storeroom, It serves as a place for accurate recording of stocks and efficient placement of medicines . Additionally, it is used for operations such as warehousing, discharging, inspection, stock canceling, and medicine information management . The storeroom also plays a role in generating drug administration plans, and work records . In terms of infrastructure, the storeroom should have proper facilities and equipment, including computers, chairs, tables, shelves, pallets, and fire extinguishers . It should also have a relatively sealed structure with good sealing effects . Overall, the storeroom in a hospital pharmacy is essential for maintaining accurate stock records, efficient medicine placement, and ensuring the availability of necessary facilities and equipment.

Distribution Network

Distribution Network
purchasing department:
A purchasing department is the division of a company that's responsible for acquiring the goods and services the business requires to operate. Some companies refer to purchasing departments as procurement departments or buying departments. These units are often an important part of helping companies meet their daily needs and their long-term strategic goals. How much responsibility a department has can vary on the size of the company, but they often help monitor the supply chain and help manage vendor contracts to keep the company's operations efficien

Financial Management:

1. Strategic Budgeting: Develop a detailed budget that aligns with your company's strategic goals. Allocate resources effectively, focusing on areas that drive growth and innovation.

2. Cost Control: Implement cost-control measures to manage expenses without compromising quality or compliance. This includes optimizing manufacturing processes, negotiating favorable contracts with suppliers, and reducing overhead costs.

3. Revenue Optimization: Maximize revenue streams through effective pricing strategies, market segmentation, and product differentiation. Consider factors such as reimbursement policies, market demand, and competitor pricing.

4. Financial Risk Management: Identify and mitigate financial risks, such as currency fluctuations, interest rate changes, and regulatory uncertainties. Use financial instruments like derivatives to hedge against these risks.

5. Compliance and Governance: Adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards to maintain financial integrity. Implement robust governance practices to ensure transparency and accountability.

6. Investment Planning: Make informed investment decisions based on thorough analysis and risk assessment. Consider factors such as ROI, market trends, and competitive landscape.

Sales Department:

  • Establishing and maintaining customer relations, such as by scheduling meetings with physicians to discuss new pharmaceutical products.

  • Educating physicians on the uses and side effects of different prescription drugs within a company’s product line.

  • Staying up-to-date on new drug developments and pertinent health care issues by attending continuing education workshops.

  • Attending sales meetings to learn about company goals and new pharmaceutical products.

  • Conducting competitor research and maintaining customer sales records.


Our Warehouse

Our Warehouse
cold Room:
Temperature control is critical for pharmaceuticals as many medications, vaccines, and biological products are susceptible to degradation when exposed to extreme temperatures. The pharmaceutical cold room provides a controlled environment, maintaining specific temperature ranges typically between 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F) or even lower. By consistently and precisely maintaining the desired temperature, the cold room ensures the stability and effectiveness of stored medications.

Product Packaging

Product Packaging
Stock Room:

Storage areas are often overlooked or badly planned in pharmacies,this often leads to serious lack of storage space on completion of work, particulary for new stock arriving. Careful consideration must be given to the storage requirements for all types of drugs and hazardous substances. Always separate any items that are due to be returned. This area should be under the strict control of the pharmacy staff, and must not be accessable by via any patient areas.

Plant, meters and services equipment, including distribution boards, must not be located within any of the storage areas. Separate storage will be required for any mobile gas equipment and spare cylinders (e.g. oxygen), this should be located on an external wall.

From a health & safety aspect, crates, boxes or stock should never be left on floors, as this creates unnecessary hazards for staff and visitors. Use trolleys or racking to store new stock temporarily, prior to stock checks being performed.